The Mine! Project – Google Tech Talk Videos #themineproject #vrm

The presentations that Adriana and I did for The Mine! Project’s Google Tech Talk at the Google Campus earlier this year are now posted on the blog; I apologise that the audio on the first video is not original and had to be re-recorded, this was due to hardware issues* on the day.

In the first video, Adriana deals with the user perspective of the Mine, and why it is being created; the second video is me reviewing the technical goals and talking about the implementation.

Each video is about 20 minutes. Bon appetit.

*i forgot to turn the camera on until way too late. mea culpa.

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  1. ps: we would have had it recorded by google, but apparently google don’t auto-record every talk anymore, and without having given anyone the now required 3-day notice, we were left with the microphones off…

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