Preserve history of British computing at Wikipedia: GEC OS4000

Wikipedia is wonderful, but gosh they can be arses in a “Water is wet [citation needed]” sort of way.

Andrew Gabriel writes:

I have put quite a lot of info about OS4000 and the GEC 4000 series onto Wikipedia recently, which you might find interesting, or even want to add to:

The OS4000 article has been marked as “may not meet the general notability guideline” and might be removed. Of course I think it’s sufficiently notable for Wikipedia, but I am the only author of the article so far. It would be good for someone else to claim it to be noteworthy too, and remove the {{notability}} tag. Finding many web references to OS4000 is tricky as it was just about dead when the web started up.

There are also some 12-year old pages on my website which I created for the 25th/50th year anniversary in 1997:

but the Wikipedia pages are more detailed (except for specific details of differences between processors).

(my emphasis)

I know a lot of old UCL-ites and old RAL-ites will be reading this post; if you have Wikipedia expertise, please help put an end to this nonsense. If it do not, then please comment below on your experiences of OS4000 to address its “notability”.


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  1. These Johnny-come-lately Web 2.0 types, they haven’t lived!

    Show them a proforma statement and they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    All I’ll say is:



  2. I need a copy of OS4000 to put onto my GEC 4070, so anyone got a copy anywhere?
    I will have to use Potter Magic to get it copied across into Ram (or Core Store) though (bit of a connection issue at the minute) !!

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