an index of my shoes

Amazing how they all mount up. I think this is an exhaustive list.

  1. alpinestars – tech8 motorbike boots
  2. altberg – heavy walking boot
  3. altberg heavy walking shoes
  4. altberg – light walking shoes
  5. clarks – ats sandal
  6. clarks – black leather dress loafers
  7. clarks – brown suede leather loafers
  8. converse – chucks hi-top
  9. converse – chucks low-top
  10. dewalt – steel toe cap trainers
  11. m&s – flipflops
  12. m&s – light trainers for MTB
  13. m&s – navy canvas deck shoes
  14. m&s – tan canvas deck shoes
  15. mbt
  16. mephisto – brown dress
  17. mephisto – leather trainers domestic
  18. mephisto – sandals
  19. mobils – brown casual
  20. new-balance – running shoes
  21. new-wave – cleated cycling boot
  22. r.m.williams – chelsea boot / dress black
  23. shimano – cycling sandals
  24. waders
  25. wellies

The whim just took me to count them while cleaning the house. Never would have thought.

5 Replies to “an index of my shoes”

  1. This can’t possibly be a list of your footwear. It’s a code isn’t it. Let’s see…….. Construction of the last sentence is unusual – perhaps a key?…

  2. So it’s come to this? Listing your footwear and your suitcase contents? You must get out more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You are getting out more – that’s why you need all those boots!

    Emelda Marcos eat your heart out – however, bet she didn’t have a set of alpinestars!

    I’m jealous though – me girl, me not have that many shoes, me missing out somewhere ๐Ÿ™

    me skint, that why

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