Professional Beer-Taster Wanted

Yes really. Karin mailed me the link…

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Much like football, beer is a funny old game. But unlike football, there s a science behind it. Our client is one of the leaders in Professional Beer Tasting. They ve even won Queen’s awards for their work, and are currently looking to recruit three new members for their growing team.

The role would involve drinking beer regularly. It would involve drinking beer with your clients regularly. If this is a problem for anyone, then please do not apply. T-Totallers are unlikely to enjoy this role, but moderate drinkers will. This is a professional environment. On top of beer tasting, you would be teaching your clients how to use the software they buy from your employer. It trains and monitors the performance of professional beer tasters. These people do exist! You could be one of them.

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  1. I know someone (who you might have met, ex-Lampeter denizen) who used to be a chocolate taster. One of those jobs wanted by millions but only a few people have the palate to actually do it.

    He got bored and quit.

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