Posting my pre-flight checklist

A few years ago I started packing for business travel using a checklist, so that I at least had the option of considering all the things I should have packed, before actually departing.

I’ve posted the list in the sidebar of this blog and welcome suggestions and additions to it; there’s a fairly obvious geek bent to the whole thing, but that comes with the turf and probably reflects a lot of my readership… 🙂

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  1. Alec, at the top of my list is arrangements for the cats (who is feeding them?). Also, mail delivery arrangements. (No invitation to (cat) burglars with mail piling up).

  2. Hi Alec,

    thanks for the list! I’m adapting it to my needs right now.

    One new todo to add for the day before: Wipe stuff from laptop that you don’t want airport security to make copies of.


  3. Day before checklist:

    Check prescriptions and re-order if necessary

    Packing (personal items / carry on):

    prescription meds
    (for U.S. travel) “goop bag” (1 quart, clear plastic bag for necessary fluids and gels to go through security)

    And one thing I never, never, *never* leave home without:

    3-4 pair of 31dB ear plugs (air plane baby neutralization device, noisy hotel neighbors, ice machines, elevators, nearby highways, etc).

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