Marc Canter sings for his tea…

UPDATE: Tuesday 8th July 2030 UK time – video seems ok?

Extraordinary weekend; saturday was spent at OpenTech because Ben Laurie invited me to be on his “Ben Laurie and Friends talk Security” panel session; so I can say truthfully that I have done a gig on-stage at ULU… There are friends of mine who will get the joke. Most of them are Bangles fans. That probably dates us all.

Sunday was further packed – Adriana and I had lunch with Bob Blakley and his daughter, talking security and identity over a wonderful meal at Great Queen Street near Covent Garden; then we went on to the London Review Bookshop Cakeshop (wonderful place, great cakes, great coffee but that Adriana thought hers a bit bitter) – to spend teatime and the early evening with Marc Canter – he of Macromedia Flash fame – again talking much of the same, though from wildly different perspectives.

It was getting on for closing time, and Marc asked me “Do you think we could get another drink?”

I replied “Possibly. You could go over there and use your charm on them…”

So he got up, walked over to the till, asked for two lemonades and spontaneously broke into opera:

It was regrettably about 45 seconds before I pulled my wits together and ripped out my camera, but I caught the last few bars of the closing piece, most of the next and the conversation which followed. It was a delight, and afterwards, as Marc recalls, we absconded to a pub and watched some of “the game”, amongst the Bloomsbury summer fete.

Fantastic day. Shame it had to end.

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  1. Alec, what a delightful way to spend your “second birthday celebration”!

    LaTraviata? First opera I embraced. Verdi Requium? Performed it, love it. The movie Amadeus? saw it in the movie theatre, and had to drive home in pea soup thick fog. If you remember his funeral scene in the movie. Ooh, twilight zone!

    Video quality on my icky computer? Icky and frustrating, but the message was worth the icky frustration.

    Happy Two!

  2. Graham and I loved this – lovely lovely soft creamy voice! I shall be playing it to Dad at the end of the week.

    His talents have not been wasted given what he’s done, but it must be great to know you could have made it in another ‘world’ too… Verdi with Solti and Domingo: argh!… the stuff that musical dreams are made of.

    Thanks for recording and blogging it!

    Hugs for that 2nd birthday mate!

  3. Hooray! You started the tipping point. My VP finished it. I upgraded my hardware and software at home. Now I can view and hear this video *much better* !!!

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