New Muffett Video: Security and the UltraSPARC T2

Regards my recent trip to Germany (with resultant podcast) to present about CMT and Security, I lucked out when I did the actual presentation:

Literally as I stood to present, in the hope of getting an audio recording I plunked my dinky, go-everywhere Canon IXUS 900 on the table and left it recording video at 320×240; I lined it up with the screen so it could watch the slide changes and the camera sat happily on the table for the entire talk.

In post production I realised the result was good enough to use as a presentation video; so I enlarged it 2x using QuickTime Pro, imported it into Final Cut Express, normalised the audio, and spliced the slide graphics[1] over the video. This was less complex than it sounds, except for the learning curve.

The result is here:

Video Link

Click to Play: Security and the UltraSPARC T2

Duration: 16 minutes-ish.

Big thanks to Stefan Hinker – who introduces me – and Mario Beck, Constantin Gonzales, Matthias Pfuetzner, Ralf Zenses, Martin Mueller and Bertram Dorn.

Please note: this is a presentation written for an English-speaking German audience. Please adjust your expectations accordingly, eg: the appropriate shape for beer glasses in a given culture

[1] Method: Export Keynote for PDF, present PDF; use MacOS Automator to 1) save PDF pages to individual images and 2) crop images to same size/aspect ratio as the video footage. Import images into FCX and drop them onto video.

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  1. Alec,

    You might want to take a look at ScreenFlow for OSX, its bl**dy brilliant and has revolutionised how easily I can produce screencasts — but due to its ability to sync any audio and capture audio/video in real time, it should be easy to feed it video/audio to sync the presentation as well.

    I’d predict a landslide in much better quality conference captures in the next few months when people cotton on to the possibilities for under a $100 …


  2. Hi Alec,

    thanks for posting the video. You always remind us how entertaining security can be :).

    To Craig: Yes and no. Yes, we will see many new video recordings, enabled by new inexpensive tools, some of them from conference presentations. No, it will not necessarily improve Quality.

    Web videos like the kind produced by Alec are _specifically produced_ for the web. It is a fortunate coincidence that Alec’s presentation style and 15 Minute time slot during the face2face event made his presentation perfectly suitable for a web cast.

    Recording the _typical_ presentation (you know, the boring 45-minute-oops-I’m-already-at-55-eyechart-slide-monster kind of thing recording will not survive for long.

    With new media come new formats, and there’s still a lot to learn for web video makers.


  3. Just wondering…. what’s the possibility of data leaking between cores and/or zones on the T2?

    In the past there have been issues with multi-core designs where certain race conditions could occur which allowed glimpses into another process’ memory/cache. Now throw 63 threads trying to break a race condition on thread 64 and there’s a far higher chance of hijacking it.

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