National Loyalty Card II – Life Imitates Sarcasm


UK National Loyalty Card

Think of the possibilities: You could accrue Citizenship Points for snitching on benefit cheats and badly-parked vehicles, teaching immigrants how to talk proper like, y’know, or organising community-minded projects like wheel-clamping or neighbourhood-watch schemes. The sort of complex projects that would otherwise require a middle-class neighbourhood with a high percentage of social-climbers, to achieve.

These Citizenship Points could then be redeemed for positive benefits: being let-off the occasional speeding ticket, a minor discount on taxes, automatic granting of planning-permission for small household extensions – or, at the extreme end, honours, peerages, and a lunch at Buckingham Palace with the Home Secretary of the day.


give yourself the gift of snitch

this holiday why not rat out someone who is cheating on their income taxes (as long as they earn over 200K a year), if you do, you can get up to 30% off of your income tax bill (reward is considered taxable income) :: the form, the rules :: oh my ::

Maybe I should have a word with the new Home Secretary…

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