Need Nintendo Wii Advice !

I won the CEC “Best Podcast” award for the “Terabyte iPod” presentation presentation!

That’s nice, but the prizes are a choice from 1) a Nintendo Wii, 2) Bose QC3 Headphones, or 3) $200

I already have the Bose, and $200 = £100 which is not a lot; so I am inclined to go with the Wii – however if it is shipped from the USA, I need to know:

– can a Wii do both NTSC and PAL
– can a Wii cope with 240V 50Hz mains power
– can a Wii’s power cord be replaced with a UK plug?

Thanks, all..

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  1. From what I’ve been told you don’t want a US Wii in Europe. It will be NTSC only best I can tell. The games actually say on them NTSC or PAL.

    This is the same issue as the PS2, however with the PS2 I have (bought it in the US) it is even worse because the games are not only NTSC vs PAL (which isn’t an issue since my TV is dual standard ) but they have region locking of the DVDs. I can’t find out for sure if the Wii games are region locked, I found conflicting answers apparently from Nintendo US and Nintendo Europe on this.

  2. I don’t have any answers, but I can tell you that if you’re able to get the wii before the 20th, you’ll get a !@#$%-ton more than $200 for it on ebay.


  3. Darren is correct.

    The (financially) best approach would be to accept the Wii, then immediately sell it on eBay. The current price seems to be around $350.

  4. Hi Alec,

    that makes to of us :). I won the same award for the “Unofficial CEC 2007 podcast” on

    Maybe you won the video category and I’m in the audio category…

    Anyway: A Wii is highly recommended, but not a US one. Someone told me that “NTSC” is for “Never the Same Color”… And I believe that the Wii has region locking as well.

    So, go with Geoff’s advice, or take the Bose and sell them on UK’s eBay.


  5. Oh, and congratulations! Well deserved as your presentation is one of my all-time-favourites.

    Sorry for not having thought earlier, ’twas a busy week…


  6. IBM gave me a US Wii. It needed a new power supply, which wasn’t very expensive. It worked fine with our Sony CRT TV – no problems with colour or anything like that. However, not being able to select the UK as your home country basically spoils a lot of the built in software, although the included Wii sports disk was great fun and worked just fine.

  7. Now here’s a thought, just tell the people organising the prize to think global (after all it is a global conference) and make sure the Wii is purchased in the UK.

  8. While checking your blog to see if you’re still alive (Alec please reply to emails!) my eyes scanned your blog and saw “I’ve won the Terrible iPod presentation”. I assumed it was the “wooden spoon”!

    Just proves I need to wear my glasses and that you need to reply to emails!

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