Visit to Dunkertons Cider Mill

On route back from Worcester, Bart and I detoured back into Hereford to visit Dunkertons in Pembridge, whose products I’ve drunk since the mid 1980s, but which I’ve never visited albeit that it is only moments off the A44, the arterial road into Aberystwyth which was key to my existence for several years.

It was quiet but lovely; there’s no tour – you can walk yourself around, see the apples in the bins, examine the machinery, and then we chatted at length with the chief cider-maker / bod in the shop; the history, some family notes, try some tastings, what apples are being used, what’s good and bad… all interesting stuff.

That Bart and I blew about £100 between us, is neither here nor there. Then we went round the orchards. 🙂

I highly recommend it; also the honeycomb ice-cream is sweet, and the piccalilli is fiery.

Just what you need…

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