JP essays a neologism: Qwertonym

I love this:

An aside. I was inordinately pleased to see that the BlackBerry predictive text support actually recognised the word foibles, even though it suggested doubles first. And how do I describe such words?. Surely there must be some word analogous to synonym and homonym that describes words thrown up as alternatives by predictive text systems. Qwertonym perhaps?

So: love, loud, and jove are qwertonyms, care of my Nokia 6310i, as are – appropriately – kiss & lips.

This could be great duo…

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  1. Nice one, JP – “qwertonym” actually *sounds* nice, even though the keypads used to produce them aren’t actually qwerty.

    There’s also a qwertonym which is bad for one’s health, by recommending spirits instead of ale; “pint” comes out as “shot”…

  2. A gay friend of mine loves telling people that “anal” and “cock” share a keysequence. Next time he tells the story I’ll use the word “qwertonym” and see if I can help spread the meme.

    There’s a joke in there somewhere about sexually transmitted viruses which I leave as an exercise to the reader.

  3. I’m sure I posted about this kind of thing a few years ago and someone provided a perl script to find the largest group of qwertonyms.

    But I can’t find it any more. )-8

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