Life is a wonderful thing

An 0630 alarm clock — and today I’ve reconfigured my home network, rebuilt my old G4 iMac, made bread, disassembled a pile of stuff to sell on Ebay, finished porting a blog from Typepad (vile) to WordPress (less vile) , encrypted a 200Gb volume, done a load of laundry, mowed the lawn, weedkilled a border, removed two trees, trimmed a border and a lawn-edge, showered, done laundry, and a pile of other, lesser things…

So it’s been a fruitful day – and there’s more to do, tomorrow.

After all that effort I felt it was a special enough occasion to warrant a drink, so I walked to the Waggon and Horses where they had Bombardier on. Damned good (if odd) stuff, well-kept, too. They were playing Kate Nash on the jukebox – also odd but interesting – but it was mostly empty, the village cricket club ball having consumed most of the usual crowd.

So I had a couple of pints and went for a walk – round past the dry cleaners to the village green, past the marquees full of overweight ballgowns which were definitely not Krizia, and into the midst of one of the oldest cricket greens in the world.

You can almost hear the echo of 237 years of leather on willow.

Everyone was looking at each other – it was their loss, a brilliant star flared out of the south, outshining Venus even on a good night, and almost enough to cast a shadow. It was the ISS sliding across the sky.

So half a dozen people go flying 200 miles overhead, and nobody notices except me? Bummer. The new panels they’ve added must have boosted the albedo a bit, it was exceptionally bright, maybe Mag -4 or -5, so well worth a look…

I stuck my nose into the now Frenchified “Cricketers”; it smelled of good coffee and warm baguette. Worth investigating, then…

I wandered home; many years ago my friend Dr Alison Bailey definitively established that the best grilled cheese on toast was Red Leicester, and I wanted to check it was still true.

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  1. A very productive day, then!

    All is (nearly) ready here; once I’ve had my traditional Sunday morning lie-in with the Archers Omnibus, I’l finish straightening the place up.

    Looks like I ought to take a squint at for ISS timings too, if it’s getting even brighter.

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