Relaxing after…

…a hot, sudsy candle-lit bath, a hot-mushroom/salad sandwich, a cat nap, and now a malt & my laptop. If nothing else, my house is very good for relaxing after an arduous day. 😎 As hoped, the frost stayed off, so I biked over to Avebury – stopping off at Silbury Hill, a few barrows, and exploring the root of The Ridgeway. Had coffee and soup in Marlborough (a pretty market town) to warm up before the foggy ride back. It was about 115 miles all-in, allowing for my small goof when bypassing Newbury homewards, ending up dragged several miles southwards of my preferred route. Never believe roadsigns without doublechecking; they’re all designed for car drivers with too much petrol and better weather protection. Thing learned: I have got to get some winter gloves, really soon. My hands suffered somewhat from the cold, but better than they might have since waterproofing the gloves.

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