So I was chatting with a friend about a little electronics project I have in mind, and (after a fairly dense overview of what I have in mind) he asks for a picture [1] showing how things would fit together…

I could make the sketch on a piece of paper and then go hunt for a scanner or make a picture of the sketch. I could go find a mouse and make a crude drawing that way. I could lug about my graphics tablet all the time, but that’s not really convenient and for a quick sketch I don’t need it’s resolution nor size. I could replace the Macbook with a ModBook or (shudder) with a TabletPC, but again I don’t need that resolution nor size (nor pricepoint)…

Really, would someone please just enhance the touchpad so it can be used with a stylus, in absolute mode, turning it into a small drawing pad?

[1] Some people just grok things better from a drawing. That said, some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but if that were (always) true they’d draw the expression instead.

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  1. I guess that you could use a paint program on the N800 to do the sketch. Just a thought.

  2. Yeah, but I’m not sure Alec would want to lend me his N800 nor do I see how he could’ve gotten it to me, as I’m currently 7 time zones away…

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