The Terror Threat Continues: Cornwall

Man held in chef-threat inquiry

Police investigating threats against celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein from a Cornish nationalist group have arrested a man.


A group calling itself The Cornish Liberation Army (CNLA) said in the e-mail Mr Oliver would be a target because he was “another incomer who has caused the inflation of house and other living costs at Cornish expense”.

Mr Oliver said last month that Fifteen, at Watergate Bay near Newquay, used local produce, 80,000 people had used the restaurant and “millions of pounds has gone into the local community”.

“I do not feel threatened by it because actions speak louder than words,” he said.

“I just think the answers to their worries is Government not a couple of poxy chefs.

“For me it is the government’s problem. If there is an affordable housing problem that is government’s problem – local government and government.”

Mr Stein runs his Seafood Restaurant and a number of other businesses in the Cornish port of Padstow.

Sigh. Last time I was down in Cornwall I spoke to some of the local kids, and housing there is definitely a problem and blaming of the invasion of newcomers – but I’ve heard this sort of thing before and I’m not sure that that was ever really resolved, so much as damped-down in a wave of cultural renaissance…

And surely it ought to be KNLA? Or something of the form ALK? Maybe we should send in the Army to occupy Newquay – I’m sure the squaddies would love it.

…via Haroon.

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  1. But housing is a problem everywhere in the UK; why should Cornwall be any different?

  2. Your link to the Welsh Nationalist info brought back memories. I remember being coached by my parents (when I was very little -born 1974) under no account to tell anyone where we were staying on holiday in Wales. A lovely little old lady lent us her holiday cottage to stay in and my parents were concerned that it might be targeted.

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