OK, So Who Else Is On Twitter

twitter me.

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    Oh no, not another networking site! 😉

    I’ve been indoctrinated into facebook ‘cos that’s the prevailing networking site for academia, undergrads etc.

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    I have added u as a “Friend”.

    I am also following a number of infosec ppl on Twitter – i.e. twitter.com/cmlh/friends

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    Coincidently I have found some a number of info sec ppl on MySpace i.e. del.icio.us/cmlh/MySpace

    Do you know any ppl in this field on Facebook? – which isn’t as popular here in Australia 🙁

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    Not really, other than a growing number of Oxford University sysadmins.

    Facebook is slowly growing out of its original US college base into international Universities and workplaces in general, though it’s mostly doing the latter by graduates moving on into companies.

    Though I have done a search and there is an infosec group (containing 28 members). 🙂

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    P.S. There’s also a group “ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) ISSA.ORG” containing 39 members which states that: “This is the unofficial group of ISSA members and others curious about the field of Information Security and all it has to offer. This is a great place to chat with those in the field as well as those who are learning and entering the field of Information Security”

    Though from the association’s web site is seems to be a Microsoft focused group.

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    Err.. I might be missing something here, but..

    What’s the point of twitter ?

    AFAICS all you get is out of date information about what someone claimed to be doing some hours, days or weeks ago.

    Sorry if I’m being dense..

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    It’s because it’s a stream of short messages. You get a constant aggregated feed of your friends’ tweets via text message, or IM, or RSS. Hence, it’s actually about seeing what’s happening right now, rather than going back periodically to read the website.

    twittervision.com illustrates what it’s like in a quite mesmerising way.

    The question is, of course, is that point enough?

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    Hmm.. I wonder why this whole thing bring up an image of Frankie Howard in “Up Pompeii” garb saying:

    “Twitter ye not!”


    Of course, if you want sporadic short messages from your friends with possible long gaps of many hours while they do work or have a life you could always just log into Bullet. Now, that’s a Web -2.0 version if ever there was one!

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    The short answer is “no”. 🙂

    There’s already enough N in the S at the moment, I want things that improve S/N not make it worse! 🙁

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    John Dalton (a friendly fellow Australian HPC person) made a great comment on my blog about Twitter..

    “I don’t quite get it either. Is it IRC on valium, or blogging with ADHD?”

    I think the latter.. 🙂

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