Holiday Winding Up

it’s been a good vacation, these past three weeks – even if i did cave-in and stop by the office a couple of times this week; i’ve crossed-off a lot of small domestic tasks which have left my house looking a lot more presentable – even stylish in parts – and there’s a 6′ high heap of garden waste to be put through a chipper once it’s hardened-off for a month.

my eldest sister and her husband stopped-by to visit en-route for gatwick, flying home to the usa tomorrow. she’s a network admin for a hospital, he’s a lecturer in medieval english and literature, and they’ve been soaking-up the shires and wales for the past fortnight.

curiously, they’d not been to a traditional pub on their holiday yet, so we went to my local which is about as traditional as you can get, and chatted about plans for the future.

i have since baked bread, repaired some clothes and a pair of moccasins, and can now sit back to sip a lagavulin, watch some movies, and think a bit.

lots of people seem to be posting new year’s resolutions and the like. i’ve never found that making them works for me – perhaps i’m jaundiced from my experiences when i was a member of the local gym, and found it wisest to avoid going there for the first six weeks of any year – time during which it’d be packed-out each night with people puffing and blowing and (eventually) giving-up. it wasn’t fun to watch. by mid feburary, things would generally return to normal levels.

maybe i just don’t like the implicit assumption that it must be a certain time of year in order for me to change myself. either way, just having a ticklist works for me. things to do, people to see.

perhaps new year’s is a time to consider bigger changes like getting into relationships, but (a) i see that as a being consequent upon the sort of social stuff that already goes on the ticklist, and (b) i feel more interested in having fun and making new friends at the moment. a relationship wouldn’t be a bad thing, but i’m not in a hurry to dive into one. i like my life, working on the house and garden, learning new things and finding fun new things to do. why mandate a need for change?

speaking of which: the frost seems to have broken today – if it’s still thawed tomorrow, i may go out for a cruise on the bike. it needs a runaround.

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