Nokia N800 Arrival

The Nokia’s arrived as mentioned :-

Everything Folded Up Unfolding the Keyboard
Keyboard Full Size Something more than XTerm

…and the keyboard is working nicely; as for the OS, it is everything I expect of a Debian-based distribution – underpowered by default, peppered with corrupt downloadable packages which require manual intervention using apt-get and dpkg to fix the package database which they’ve silently corrupted (hint: avoid the ‘zsh’ shell) and a zillion user-communities which are stitched across several non-obviously named websites which are all equally indexed by Google:

…and a heap of documentation marked “For Beginners” which essentially begins “First, rebuild your kernel…”

It was an hour before I worked out that Application Manager existed.

Nonetheless, it’s cute, effective, and small, and a decent and more powerful replacement for Gilles’ old Toshiba Libretto – which went motorcycling with me, but needed mains and too much weirdness.

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    From the reviews I’ve read about that it sounds like there are some issues with their current software for the device as the current .install file format only supports a single repository for a package and some of the packages require more than one repository.

    Given that Motorola abandoned software support for its predecessor (the 770) fairly rapidly (1.5 years, bugs for it are now closed with WONTFIX even though its still for sale) I don’t think this one is likely to have much of a longer life. πŸ™

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    <p>Sun should do something in this form factor with VGA output, based on a similar open source model.</p>

    <p>Something based on JavaOS and MAJC with JavaSE, would be very useful for running enterprise Java applications.</p>

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    What’s the keyboard like? I’m tempted by the bluetooth keyboard as native text input is a bit of a pain. We’ll have to try the video chat via Google talk 😎

    Did the cleaning cloth come with it or was that an extra? I found the lack of one with mine to be faintly annoying, especially as my PSP came with one. I’ve discovered that the soft case for a garmin GPS II/GPS III fits the device pretty well.

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    The keyboard is great, very similar to my thinkpad keyboard which is one of the nicest laptop keyboards i have used; it can’t be used on a lap, it needs a hard flat surface to rest upon, but iGo do another one which only has four rows of keys and is apparently more rigid.

    You can pop over if you want and have a look. overall I am giving the N800 experience about 7 out of 10 so far, and the keyboard 9 out of 10. I score the N800 lower because I have ‘bricked’ it 5 times so far, requiring resintall, but such is the cost of faffing with root. I am still not sure I’ve got it sussed since i live in fear of once more getting the white boot screen and having it wedge, but I am taking regular backups and saving everything valuable to the twin 1Gb SD cards.

    I’ll be tracking the developer list, as I gather SDHC card support is coming soon, which will eventually give me dual 8Gb onboard. That will make life more interesting. πŸ™‚

    And yes, this comment is being composed on the N800. Shows how good the keyboard is, because going this on the screen would have driven me potty by now.

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    For comparison, I am composing this on mine using the on screen larger keyboard. I certainly wouldn’t want to write an essay on here. Where did you get the keyboard from?

    I’ve not managed to brick mine yet. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. 😎

  6. I just bought the Sierra Bluetooth keyboard and would like to use it with my Nokia N800. Do you know where I can find step by step install instructions. I called ThinkOutside (iGo) tech support and they said they do not support the Nokia N800 and could not help me.

    I’ve read a number of blogs with people stating they can use the keyboard with N800. Can you guide me with the install or where I can find that information.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Slim,

    It’s really easy; using Control Panel go to the bluetooth menu, and SearchForDevices; then using your stylus push the small white button on the keyboard.

    The Nokia should see a ThinkOutsideKeyboard soon after; click to “Pair” with the keyboard, and the nokia will tell you a number – tap again to start the pairing process, and then you type the number in to your keyboard and press Enter.

    That should establish the connection.

    Then you can play around with the HardwareKeyboard on the Control Panel (Generic 105 PC) and with the Text Input Settings.

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