Brompton On Order

I’ve put in an order for my Brompton:

a-la carte Brompton M-Type, 6-speed std ratio, L-type mudguards (no rack), raw-lacquer finish, telescopic seatpost, Marathon reflex tyres, S-bag set, Brooks saddle, no lights, dual-pivot front single pivot rear brakes, brompton bag

For a gallery of huge pictures see the German website – much better equipped with graphics than the UK one – but it’s going to look a lot like this:


…but without the lights or rack, and in the raw lacquer finish that shows-off the brazings and looks a bit more industrial.

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    How odd – I ordered something quite similar not a fortnight ago.

    Mine is an M6L-X, raw lacquer, marathon reflex, touring pannier, vitesse saddle, battery lighting, lower ratio gears, and front and rear dual pivot brakes.

    It’s coming in the first week of April – I can’t wait! Now that I’m a grumpy Yorkshireman, I thought that I’d better go for the lower ratio gears – we have big hills here and everything!

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    Out of interest why are you acquiring a Brompton ? If I had to commute anywhere by train/bike I’d get one 🙂

    The raw lacquer looks superb !

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    >If I had to commute anywhere by train/bike I’d get one 🙂

    Exactly so – I have the trike for comfort, the MTB/Hybrid conversion for grubby stuff, but I am in London quite a bit now, and the freedom to pick any of my three nearest train stations (one mainline, one medium, one slow line, increasing distance from my home) and not have to get taxis or rely on buses, is appealing.

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    Nice. Always fancied an Airnimal myself, or one of those gorgeous Dahon Mus. Can’t afford either though, and the missus would almost certainly kill me if I bought another bike!

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    Dare I ask how much all that is? I see the base prices are about 500+ – eek!

    So cycling all OK now, motorcycling any time soon…?

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    Through a corporate cycling tax deal there is substantial discount on the list price, in the order of 40% off the mfr list of £930 at that specification; so it’s not too bad.

    As for motorbiking: I’m waiting for the weather to warm up. 🙂

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    Nice one, and the raw lacquer finish is sexy. Get ready for those geeky conversations on the station platform that these bikes seem to create.

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    If you top yourself on a motorbike I’ll bloody kill you!

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    Hi from Barcelona, I want to order one like yours,wich shop? is it your bicycle like the german web site? the raw lacquer where does it looks nice? at steel frame or superlight titanium frame? Thank you.

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    yes, I went in to order one on the weird Gordon Brown fiddly-complicated scheme. but the shop said theyre no good if youre over 6’0″, and since I’m 6’8″ I took their advice. And I’m wondering what to do next…

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    >but the shop said theyre no good if youre over 6’0″,

    Codswallop; I’m getting one, and one of their greatest proponents is Will Self at 6’3+

    You want the Telescopic Seatpost mate, which the brochure clearly states as being for inside leg of 35″ or more.

    Try this place, where they have a clue, ask for James upstairs – bouncy Aussie chap.

    On Your Bike

    London Bridge Store

    52 – 54 Tooley St,

    London Bridge SE1 2SZ

    Tel : 020 7378 6669

    Next to London Dungeon.

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