Who needs iPhone when you can have MyPhone?

I was in the USA recently, and ran into my mate Adrian Cockcroft, an ubergeek; he’s heavily involved in the Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club who are – as you can probably guess – a coalition of geeks producing a cellphone to their own specifications, in an open-source sort of manner.

Adrian's Homebrew Phone Case

Adrian brought the case prototypes along and we put a spare Nokia into the case to demonstrate screen-size and scale.

They’re made using a “3D-Printer” and are a bit weird, but it’s what you expect for a alpha-test unit. I look forwards to trying the final product, especially since it won’t be bound by the “requirements analysis” of the marketing division of some megacorp.

Adrian’s blog articles: Build your own phone, any way you want it!
Making a case for Myphone

Homebrew Mobile Phone Club links: main site wiki blogs

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