Aggregate Reader Stats

One of the notorious problems of Blogs and RSS is a matter of determining the approximate size of your reader base; many people prefer to use the metric of “the number of subscribers via RSS readership at [foo]”, where foo is any of the big aggregators.

So here’s a little list:

  • Bloglines: 35 subscribers
  • Livejournal: 25 readers
  • Rojo: 3 subscribers
  • Newsgator: 1 subscribers

The stats aren’t enormous compared to what some blogs get, but they are comforting.

Hello you lot, I hope you are having a good time?

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  1. re: Aggregate Reader Stats

    ps: if you are using those services and wonder why the numbers don’t match, there are 4x RSS urls registered at Bloglines, and 2x at LJ and Rojo…

    ah, the joy of historical URLs.

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