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Wow. [antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov] via [antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov]

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    Pardon my geographical ignorance, but what are all those lights inbetween Norway and England? It seems like an awful lot of lights for oil drilling or whatever it is they might be doing over there in the middle of the sea..

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    good question; it might be an artefact of the montage, or it might be shipping plus oil rigs; certainly the northern ones are in the right place for the latter.

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    Fishing boats?

    Other interesting features is how bright the Canary islands are, specially when compared with the nearby coast. Also it is obvious that the Egypt population is concentrated along the Nile.

  4. Wot a lot of light!

    Very pretty picture, but a shame it’s going up into the sky rather than down onto the ground, wonder how much less energy would be needed for street lighting then ?

    There are some interesing photos showing the difference that light pollution makes at http://www.darksky.org/images/night_scapes.html – the comparison between LA in 1908 and 1988 is incredible!

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