Twitter Updates for 2012-10-10

  • The food at one Swedish school is "too good"? #
  • Aha! Previous tweet courtesy of Bristol's @Matt_the_Geek # do link your blog to your profile #
  • @DrJennyWoods common hot water bottle, common duvet, common bed. #
  • @tankadams09 – I concur: Someone actually *believing* that would have to be truly inexperienced.
    /cc @whitehatsec @Computerworld #
  • @DrJennyWoods so no #rdggeek then ? #
  • @tankadams09 Sorry, I don't see the argument that you are trying to make ? Could you rephrase please ? #
  • @tref Say hello to the nice lady. #
  • @tankadams09 I think you are saying that the ".uk" domain name could be a curated "brand" domain to compete with Amazon. Which is nonsense. #
  • @tankadams09 1) If Nominet want .uk to be a "brand" then they will have to accept liability for their subdomains' activities #
  • @tankadams09 2) This would do nothing for actual security of these systems or their users; the number of XSS-able systems would not decrease #
  • @tankadams09 Given 1 and 2 then we are led to 3) this proposition is just a marketing exercise for a bad idea #
  • @redtwitdown Small child or "power user"? #
  • @tankadams09 What makes you trust some kitemarking "authority" more than, say, recommendations from a friend ? #
  • @tankadams09 #
  • @tankadams09 I go with "reputation" as primary metric of "safe site" but that's bound to an entity ("M&S") not location ("Oxford St") #
  • @tankadams09 Anyone can say that. See also:
    – key to success is direct reputation, not secondhand #
  • @tankadams09 Note the facility you desire – however dubious I think it – is already available from "trusted" vendors #
  • @tankadams09 Trusted "URL identifier"? – that's called "monopoly power" #
  • @tankadams09 "free market economy" / "state monopoly" / "quango" / "trailing behind private industry" … #
  • RT: Nominet: a website by any other name would be more secure? – via @computerworlduk # MORE TO COME #
  • Wow, #Storify is horrifically easy to use. #
  • @dml I see it as an opportunity. #
  • Was going to do #rdggeek but feeling slightly under the weather and RFC2119 MUST be in fit state for the rest of the week. #
  • @SimonRWaters mmm? #
  • @glynwintle Thought I would start with the #TorProject evidence but the Facebook and Twitter content is so lulzworthy that I'm not there yet #
  • @DaveLevy All that stuff is day 2, linked from #

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