Twitter Updates for 2012-09-26

  • Wanted: Cafe in #Farnham with free Wifi, please ? /cc @k4thybrown @JamesFirth #
  • @lauraanngill Do tell… #
  • @lauraanngill deeply unrealistic outside of public sector. 🙂 #
  • "@Saccaparami: Wow, 'the red bits' of the Walsh Report make fascinating reading #Encryption #CryptoParty" # MUST READ #
  • @adrianco let me know when founded someone to be cynical about security 😛 #
  • @shortblue I know the songs so well I'm going to hold-off a little. #
  • @shortblue Sounds more up @ashward123's street #
  • @joannageary he seemed the sort /cc @petermacrobert #
  • Listening to crusty old people on BBC4 talking about the unmissable revelatory freedoms of the 60s; Thinking the same about the DotCom era. #
  • @CryptoPartyLond Will there be event-long door staff to permit access in/out to food and pub? #
  • @charlesdavis84 He confused Atomic and Nuclear. Hope this helps. /cc @jilliancyork #
  • @mePadraigReidy does he look sorry? #
  • If you are going to shoot badgers you might as well eat them. Apparently they make decent prosciutto. #
  • @harrym something you finger #
  • .@BBCR4Today I'm not sure about "senior commoner" but the "first commoner" of the land is the Speaker of the House, not the Archbishop of C. #
  • .@BBCr4today The Archbishop of Canterbury is highest in precedence below the royals, but he's a peer not a commoner: #
  • RT @metal_max: how can badgers make prosciutto? They have little paws, no thumbs and a poor understanding of meat curing processes #

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