Twitter Updates for 2012-07-16

  • @dogsbodyorg The consequent nudity might be an issue, too. #
  • RT @lee_whitfield: You know you're in Texas when… # camouflage nappies. yes really. #
  • @metal_max That would set a precedent for IE6 and therefore won't happen. #
  • TOMORROW: The Digital Economy Act – Come and hear how "Anti Piracy" will affect you! cc: @OpenRightsGroup #deact #
  • @zalez @chrisgerhard Go to Amazon. Buy it now. #
  • Twenty-one years ago I was completely bricking it at something scarier than anything else I had done up to that point #
  • : Exactly 21 years ago: "CRACK: A Sensible Unix Password Cracker" #
  • @chrisgerhard There were; today it would not happen because of the precedent laid by COPS, Crack, SATAN & BackOrifice; but the EU is trying. #
  • Bad people using a google whack for a webpage with the number 44359083459088 to promote an iPad phishing expedition. #
  • Monday: #Mumsnet meets the Minister for Children.
    Total lack of porn-related fearmongering. Alert Claire Perry. #

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