Shaft-Drive Mountain Bike

A while ago, some friends and I were hanging-out on a chat system, and having just bought the R1200GS I wondered out-loud why there were no shaft-drive bicycles.

We mulled the idea around, decided some of the issues, and I think deemed it unlikely to happen… but somebody’s done it anyway!

And it looks cool!

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  1. re: Shaft-Drive Mountain Bike

    I like the idea of the shaft drive, as they say you get better ground clearance and no worries re. derailleur or chain.

    However, the 8 speed box might not be so wonderful. Yes it covers 20 or so of the 24 gears, but you lose the close ratio nature that you get with the cassette. Maybe, as a colleague suggested, they need a close ratio at the back and a 3 speed box in the bottom bracket at the front ?

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