Twitter Updates for 2010-05-07

  • Twitter – First With The News: UKIP candidate Nigel Farage in plane crash, use search to follow story. #
  • Dropsafe: How to follow Facebook and Livejournal using Feedreaders, and thereby recover some privacy #
  • If the turnout at #HartleyWintney is anything to go by, this'll be a big election. Almost double the usual activity. #
  • /me wishes more people could believe that they're voting for their representative, rather than brown/cameron/clegg #
  • @bbart yes, they are; but party discipline doesn't always apply; conversely laws are made by parliament, not PM'erial fiat… in reply to bbart #
  • the other day, in a moment of pondering, I wondered if NuLabour are now classed as "small-c champagne socialists" #ge2010 #
  • "HappyCabbie: All this time I thought he was either ranting about Xbox or American Idol" #
  • Have ordered #Downfall from #Amazon saw it on TV ages ago but with all the parodies must see it again + extras. Have I made my point? #
  • @carriebish The kid was doubtless smelling itself… in reply to carriebish #

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