Twitter Updates for 2010-04-16

  • Ash probably explains the muck i've been washing off my car for the past few days; i was thinking "early pollen" but… #
  • The only issue with the Ethopian fresh drip coffee that I make in my SwissGold filter is: more than one per day might kill me. #
  • This is the school I went to; am glad I was a nerdy, toothy, ugly, annoying, whiny, semi-American atheistic little brat #
  • Dropsafe: portrait of a catholic boys' school #
  • Which is preferable: overhauling your resume, or pulling your own teeth? Right now, it's a toss-up… #
  • You know, it *is* quieter outside, with nothing flying into LHR. OTOH @adriana872 is stuck near NYC… #
  • why did my G1 phone get delivered with a very nice mini-usb cable that is not usable for any device other than my G1 phone ? #
  • @mattblaze you're right about the standard, but this is not a uUSB; it's a miniUSB with one squared-off corner in reply to mattblaze #
  • I wonder if I should plug-in the TV. Watch this debate thingy. Would need to boot the satellite receiver… #
  • …oh bother, it's on ITV and I'd need to get a "new viewing card" to receive that. Can't be arsed. Radio4 it shall be. #
  • look at this image and tell me you don't think "stephen hawking" #
  • Next time can we have a shorted hashtag? #leadersdebate – maybe #pmqs ? #

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