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Dear Alec,

I recognise that this is an unorthodox approach, so I will be brief and hope you find time to respond.

IBM’s acquisition of Green Hat has given us a leadership position in the service virtualisation and integration testing market. IBM’s service virtualisation solution enables our customers to simulate and model the services that share dependencies with the new solutions they are developing. With IBM Green Hat you are able to work with systems which are:

• Not yet operational, or still under active development.
• Only available for testing in limited capacity or at inconvenient times.
• Owned by a third party or partner, who may charge significant fees for access.
• Difficult or expensive to provision or configure in a test environment.
• Required for simultaneous testing by teams with different requirements.

Through the adoption of IBM’s solution, a major financial institution has saved £30 million in the last 3 years, whilst being able to increase the projects delivered by over 100%. 

If this is an area of current consideration I would like to book some time in your diary to identify areas where IBM would be able to help you to meet your business needs more effectively. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

[Name Elided]
Rational Account Manager – IBM

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