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It’s not looking good for the Snooping Bill. The legislation is currently being re-written after serious concerns were raised with the first draft, but I’ve got hold of a letter from privacy campaigners which accuses the government of failing to hold the public consultation that was one of the conditions laid down in the damning report that killed off the first draft. The letter, from Big Brother Watch, Liberty, Open Rights Group and Privacy International, expresses fears that meetings between the organisations and Home Office ministers could be used as evidence that ministers have been consulting on the new legislation. It says…

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  1. As an independent witness listed in the Committee Report, I’d hope to be notified in the event of a fresh public consultation. In fact, I think a canny Parliament would want to specifically invite prior witnesses to submit comment on a new Draft, so that this could be shown as evidence that a fresh public consultation was taking place – it’s only by the good fortune of following various people on Twitter (Alec included) that I came to find out about the first one.

    If I receive notification of a new public consultation, I shall post the details here.

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