What the Web used to look like: Silicon Graphics “SILICON SURF”

It was this webpage – SGI’s entry to the Web – which caused the Sun-internal Web-evangelists (including myself, to some extent) to go berserk and demand the creation of a Sun.COM website. I seem to remember Vasanthan being the eventual prime mover… ?


4 Replies to “What the Web used to look like: Silicon Graphics “SILICON SURF””

  1. You could click on DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE GRAPHIC and it would DO DIFFERENT THINGS!

    It was something called an IMAGEMAP! Highly innovative!

  2. Ha! It was also the reason my workplace (a part of Los Alamos Labs) dropped Sun and switched to SGI (to their later Security chagrin)… because the group leader went to look at what sites were “forward thinking” to the Internet.

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