A question for @markpack @drjennywoods @julianhuppert @zoeimogen and all #libdem #libdems, please /cc @sunny_hundal

Mark, Jenny, Julian, Zoe:

After your near-exemplary record re: the CCDP / Communications Data Bill and the subsequent realisation that the LibDem grass roots are not always in sync with the parliamentary party, and having on Tuesday night been at a round-table including both Sunny Hundal (edit: LiberalConspiracy) and Mark Ferguson (LabourList) both of whom I consider powers in the choirs of parliamentary angels, I would really like to know:

  1. Does the LibDem grassroots organisation recognise the threats to individual liberties on the internet posed by the current phrasing of the Leveson Royal Charter and associated Bill?
  2. What does the LibDem grassroots organisation think about the same?



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  1. (On a point of pedantry, Sunny is from Liberal Conspiracy and not LibDemVoice)

    I have not seen a coherent grass-roots view on this, because the grass-roots is spit on support for Leveson as a whole and the discussion has centered around “is press regulation a good or bad thing”. I’ve been engaged in debate on the finer detail, but less frequently than I’d like. Unfortunately, when problematic areas come up in discussion (Most notably, who gets regulated?) it’s been used by those against Leveson-style reforms as evidence that we shouldn’t do it, rather than figuring out the detail.

    Couple that with the fact it’s being rushed through, and rushed legislation hardly ever makes for good legislation, and do have concerns.

    I think we’re getting it about right, but I would prefer to see more discussion on the matter first to make sure we’re not missing something.

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