U3O8 Standard Set For Neutron Counting — $177,830

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 00.00.45




2 Replies to “U3O8 Standard Set For Neutron Counting — $177,830”

  1. Mmm, I was looking at the Uranium 235 Spike Nitrate solution, a few rows further up – 99.8% U235 :-).

    The sample is listed as 0.1g U (presumably this is just the U, without the No3 bit) so, as you’d need about 14kg as a critical mass in a really well-designed warhead, the fissile material bill comes to $292,600,000.

    Superpower status clearly doesn’t come cheap – although the price is coming down…

  2. Ooo – just saw the “93% U235, 0.5-4kg U” bit in brackets, on the item you ringed. Superpowerdom is clearly *much* cheaper than it used to be (and I need more caffeine).

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