…and then there’s SATAN

Walshman writes:

…and he’s quite right:


  • “It’s like randomly mailing automatic rifles to 5,000 addresses. I hope some crazy teen doesn’t get a hold of one.” (Oakland tribune.)
  • “SATAN is like a gun, and this is like handing a gun to a 12-year-old.” (LA times.)
  • “It’s like distributing high-powered rocket launchers throughout the world, free of charge, available at your local library or school, and inviting people to try them out by shooting at somebody.” (San jose mercury.)
  • “It discovers vulnerabilities for which we have no solutions.” (The New York Times.)
  • …people could die.” (vikr@aol.com (VikR))


  • “…there is no obscuring its presence. It announces itself like a rock concert to the scanned machine’s log file.” (Nick Christenson, npc@minotaur.jpl.nasa.gov)

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  1. I remember attending a security seminar with my CFO at the time. We were talking with the CEO of the security firm giving the seminar and I asked about SATAN. He confided in me that there was no way that it would ever be allowed to be released. I stood there silently, nodded and thought to my self “What an idiot. Doesn’t he know that the pre-release has *already* been released. Genie is out of the bottle…”

    1. Regrettably that *is* the way of it. That people believe there is a way to inhibit software – to inhibit speech – is even more tragic.

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