Reading about the necessity for “real” marriage to be “consommated”; God wants married straight people to make soup?

Via this analysis, which takes this correspondent’s position to pieces:

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  1. I mostly agree with Glen’s analysis, although I think he’s really missing the origin of Suzanne’s outrage (which maybe she doesn’t understand herself).

    To start with, he’s on the edge of a common misunderstanding of religion as a root for morality when he speaks of “the religious notion that without a god, there is no morality, and thus we exist in a vacuum.” I don’t think it’s smart to conclude that religion teaches “[without a god] we will all act without any restraint as if we were all demons in hell” in a way that assumes the religious think atheists are amoral. Some bigots may conclude that, but to my understanding it’s not correct.

    Then to the core problem. The reason that all the various religions rooted on the Torah can be expected to have a problem with homosexuality is they use the “norms” of human life as metaphors for the character of the unseen God, based on texts in their various scriptures. Adherents make the erroneous assumption that the arrangement is commutative, and that if the element of human life were shown to be wrong or misunderstood, that would therefore affect the nature of their god. In all the cases I’ve examined, the scripture texts can be understood as metaphorical or poetic but religious adherents mistakenly assume they are primarily descriptive.

    Driving these folk purely along lines of logic is fun as a diversion, but it’s pointless. The cognitive dissonance is ultimately about an incorrect belief that metaphorical language is commutative. Until they realise that error, all one does when one shows science proves the consequences of their belief is wrong is further discredit science in their eyes. The result is the disgraceful withdrawal from science one sees in right-wing US politics and elsewhere.

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