Pwn Pad | Pwnie Express # #WANT WANT SO MUCH WANT

The Pwn Pad – a commercial grade penetration testing tablet which provides professionals an unprecedented ease of use in evaluating wired and wireless networks. The sleek form factor of the Pwn Pad makes it an ideal product choice when on the road or conducting a company or agency walk-through. This highspeed, lightweight device, featuring extended battery life and 7” of screen real estate offers pentesters an alternative never known before.

Pwn Pad | Pwnie Express.

HT Rohan Pinto

One Reply to “Pwn Pad | Pwnie Express # #WANT WANT SO MUCH WANT”

  1. Shiny :-).

    I can’t help but wonder whether it’s more of an “apprentice piece”, though – other than the battery life, what unique things does it do that a copy of Backtrack and a quick scour for missing bits wouldn’t, on a laptop?

    In fact, as an apprentice piece, it’s actually quite the piece of eye candy – it shows these folk can do serious device drivers, graft an Android front-end onto existing tools, and put a custom Android distro together and get it onto a recent device. If I was looking to commission some custom stripped-down Android-based appliance (*cough* OVDC *cough*) and needed to buy the time of a dev team with proven experience in doing just that, I’d be giving these folk a call…

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