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Testing Tor Hidden Services With Burp Pro
FEB 25TH, 2013

On February 15, Dafydd Stuttard announced the release of Burp Suite v1.5.05. This release contains a number of feature enhancements and bugfixes, including an extension to the SOCKS proxy support which allows users to specify that all DNS lookups should be done remotely via the proxy. This means that it is possible to test Tor hidden services with Burp.

This feature is currently only available in Burp Pro, but should eventually make its way into the free edition.

Tor hidden services

Tor hidden services, sometimes also referred to as the hidden web, dark web, and deep web, were deployed on the Tor network in 2004. Hidden services allow users to host various kinds of resources, such as websites and instant messaging servers, without having their identity or location revealed…

continues at Testing Tor Hidden Services with Burp Pro – blog.encrypted.cc.

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