Two surprisingly interesting and SFW statistical analysis of the lives of pornstars and adverts for escorts

Dirty Words: A Probing Analysis of 5000 Call Girl Reviews (October 2011)

There is an online subculture of men who review their encounters with escorts using a frank, exhaustive style you’d associate more with reviews of hotels than sex. I analyzed five thousand of these ‘field reports’ to see what I could find out about the punters, their use of language and their outlook on sex for cash.

Deep Inside: A study of 10,000 Porn Stars and their Careers (February 2013)

For the first time, a massive data set of 10,000 porn stars has been extracted from the world’s largest database of adult films and performers. I’ve spent the last six months analyzing it to discover the truth about what the average performer looks like, what they do on film, and how their role has evolved over the last forty years.

…both are really interesting reads, debunking considerable amounts of myth.

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