#THIS: @JeffJarvis angrily *eviscerates* the BBC *on-air* for whipping up “Crap, BS” hacking story #MUSTWATCH

Firstly, disclosure: from April I will have an interest in Facebook’s wellbeing* but I don’t think that skews my perspective on this matter; I have a long and documented history of laying into politicians and journalists who are swept up in the mythology of cyberspace and the fearmongering around it.

But never before have I seem something quite so epic, so incandescent, so furious as this — and from one of online journalism’s own gods:

I have no idea how I missed this yesterday, but it’s truly perfect. He loses his composure but rationally I am right there behind him on this one; my reason especially for my posting it is that apparently it aired at 3am and therefore will receive almost no viewership as a result, especially since the BBC will bury this.

Sometimes security events are bad — well, rarely are they ever good — but those which are contained are not a problem, and no longer are they even a story unless they impact other people.

tl;dr — If security works, then why is it a story?

This is how the fad of cybersecurity will end: by its becoming mundane, its practitioners criticised and ridiculed.

Relevant Twitter thread linked off this:

UPDATE: Adding coverage elsewhere, Updated: Sunday 17 Feb 1000h

* details to be posted in a couple of weeks

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  1. ps: Other reason for reposting this: it will help inoculate future journalists against the same sort of mistake. Crude, yes, rude, yes, swearing, dreadful, fine. But it is *correct*.

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