Imperial Model B Typewriter, circa 1915..1919

Inherited from my maternal grandfather, eventually…

Mac keyboard for comparison.



2 Replies to “Imperial Model B Typewriter, circa 1915..1919”

  1. Oh, now that’s a beaut :-). Not seen one of that vintage, before.

    Interesting how the lever and hammer arrangement imposes that curve on the keyboard; presages split / curved so-called “natural” keyboards (although I could never get on with them) by 70 years or so :-).

  2. Shame you’ve only shown half the replacement object – the vintage model comes with built-in printer.

    As for the so-called “natural” layout, the curve in this case is a little too radical, as you’ll have to stretch for the bottom middle row letters, which is a shame, but for encouraging the user to do some exercise at their ‘screen’, it’s excellent.

    I’ve been successfully using “natural” keyboards for about 15 years, and the open elbows and open shoulder posture they allow is wonderful, compared to the hunched over, elbows tucked tight in posture required to use a modern laptop keyboard (no comment on Apple desktop keyboards, I have no experience).

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