“Cyberfraud vs: Biofraud vs: Fraud” – an observation by @bbart

From an IM conversation:

Bart Blanquart: The “cyber”-prefix is infectious – a Schneier article floated past me where he points out that fraud is fraud, even if a computer is used.

Bart Blanquart: And he succeeded in using “cyberfraud” in the same sentence in which he points this out.

Bart Blanquart: Was thinking that the whole “cyber”-prefix thing is interesting… if someone starts synthesizing DNA to mislead forensics, will that be called “biofraud”?

I don’t think it will have to go as far as DNA; presumably any form of faked drug testing – eg: using someone else’s urine for a sample – would be BIOFRAUD!



…looks good and scary. Should garner any amount of Government funding.

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