Fuck me, #CCDP has already spent £405m pounds of its expected £1.8b budget /ht #CDB @openrightsgroup @julianhuppert

Quoth the men from the Ministry:

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In text:

The Office of Security and Counter Terrorism has spent £405 million since May 2010 on the communications capabilities development programme under the current Government which is based on the premise that there will be collaborative relations with communications services providers who will be expected to retain relevant communications data. These costs comprise expenditure under the Communications Capabilities Directorate, and the Communications Capabilities Development programme and include forecast 2012-13 figures. The Home Office led programme includes expenditure under the Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations, developing new tools to assist law enforcement, and training for investigators.

There are no words for this. Yes, it is being “redrafted” – woo, yet more cost – but in a nutshell, using their own timeline, I wonder:

The expected budget for CCDP was £1.8b spent over 10 years. They have now spent about 25% of the money in about 25% of the time without rolling out any hardware – instead faffing about with training and tooling – so presumably they can spend 100% of the money in 100% of the time equally without rolling out any hardware.

So from where will come the promised money to reimburse carriers and “content service providers” the cost of equipment deployed to support interception and logging?

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  1. Well, I’m glad to see that they’re planning it properly and lawyers with experience in EU data protection law don’t come cheap.
    Hardware and software, that’s all off the shelf isn’t it? Just pop down PC world (if they haven’t gone bankrupt by then) and pick up the “Microsoft Snoop 2010” package and a couple of PCs to run it. Should be fine.

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