This Wikipedia page needs an “Unprofessional Bodies” section:

UK Cyber Security Community
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The Cyber Security (or Information Assurance) community in the UK is diverse, with many stakeholders groups contributing to support the UK Cyber Security Strategy. The following is a list of some of these stakeholders.

  1. Trade Associations and Industry Groups
  2. Government
  3. Professional Bodies
  4. Academic Community
  5. References

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Too right…

3 Replies to “This Wikipedia page needs an “Unprofessional Bodies” section:”

  1. I don’t see “cyber security” and “information assurance” as being exactly the same thing, and it would be worth having a description of the difference (as it would also very likely involve tying the definitions of both terms down better).

    It’s a bit disappointing that Wikipedia hasn’t referenced the IACG-maintained UK IA Community Map at (I admit to bias, as I’ve contributed to the latter document), but even then, there is no central and accurate list of all UK organisations involved in IA, that I’m aware of.

    There’s still plenty of work to do, here.

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