Claire Perry seems to suggest that once a child can pay for their own phone, they can skip filtering?

[Claire Perry,] The Conservative MP for Devizes was made the government’s adviser on the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood in December 2012.

Among a series of proposals put forward by the 48-year-old are age ratings for sexually provocative music videos, restrictions on access to so-called lads’ mags, labelling on airbrushed photos in magazines and internet safety classes in schools.

She also thinks parents should challenge the idea that children have the right to keep online chats, text messages, tweets and Facebook conversations private.

“This is an uncomfortable area for people to talk about,” she said.

“I’ve been campaigning for more family-friendly access to the internet, so that inappropriate material – whether it’s hardcore porn or pro-anorexia sites or pro-suicide sites – are filtered in the home.

“Parents seem to feel very helpless about this. I think that’s a concern. We don’t feel helpless about teaching our kids about road safety or trying to get them to eat healthily. Somehow the technology has terrified us.

“Parents are paying for these mobile contracts. We’ve given the kids this power and this responsibility for free. I think we have a responsibility to get involved.”

via BBC – Newsbeat – MP says parents should check their children’s messages.

So as soon as the kid can pay for his/her own phone, all the filters come off? It’s the logical corollary to the statement – one that he who pays the piper controls the filters.

Of course this could then be extended to legitimising spying upon (say) adulterous spouses; surely Claire will be happy to raise this with the Interception Commissioner?

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