“…a Baptist minister who lives with same-sex attraction…” #evangelical #lgbt #wtf

You can’t make this shit up:

Evangelical Alliance general director Steve Clifford

Steve Chalke is a friend of mine. We go back many years. I am convinced that when the history of the Church in the UK is written, Steve’s contribution over the last 25 years will be recognised as profoundly significant. So with this as a backdrop I am writing my response to Steve’s article in Christianity magazine. While I understand and respect Steve’s pastoral motivations, I believe the conclusions he has come to on same-sex relationships are wrong.

It is with both sadness and disappointment that I reflect on how Steve has not only distanced himself from the vast majority of the evangelical community here in the UK, but indeed from the Church across the world and 2,000 years of biblical interpretation.

Steve has raised issues which touch on deep areas of human identity. At a Soul Survivor seminar last summer, a Baptist minister who lives with same-sex attraction introduced his talk to a marquee full of young people by indicating that he would love to find a theology in the Bible which would support a sexually-active gay life. But, he said: “I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not there and I don’t want to live in rebellion to the one that I love.


Here’s a tip: you live with a disease like cancer or some other sort of disability; if someone – however ministerial – has been coerced into thinking their legitimate sexual preference is a disability, it’s probably a bad thing to do to them.

What repressed thinking they might then communicate to their flock, horrifies me.

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  1. Not one I’d seen, but I was aware of people who feel they have to think like that. People like Dani (who commented on my blog) need to have the way they live out of their faith as accepted as anyone elses. I am now pretty sure that one gay man, and one lesbian couple left the church I attend 10+ years ago, and I fear it’s because they didn’t feel they could be open about their sexuality, which is desperately sad, and must have hurt them hugely.

  2. Yet another reason to hope that there is a “gay gene”, and that it is found and characterised. Not that self-contradiction within religious texts, let alone contradiction between religious texts and practical observation, seems generally able to dispel religious belief…

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