Two further barriers to UK mobile money – /ht @Penrillian

I’ve done some work for Penrillian in the past, and I am rather liking Charles’ blogging:

The prospect of mobile money is exciting to Network operators, phone manufacturers, payment networks and banks: They’re all looking forward to consumers making payments with intelligent devices, creating better opportunities for customer engagement, and bringing benefits in terms of greater money security. Moreover, the devices are paid for by the consumers. There’s a vision of a ‘cashless society’ where we really don’t need cash at all; where all payments can be through electronic services.

Of course there are a number of barriers to the take-up of such a service.  At the moment everyone’s concentrating on the most obvious ones: lack of technology, smartphones, infrastructure, commercial agreements and lack of ‘anonymity’. 

Yet if the vision of a cashless society is to be realised, the UK has two further barriers […]

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  1. I must say that the unbelievably confused and often self-contradicting rules applied to children, have been a gripe of mine pretty much since I was a child myself – and sadly, I can’t see them getting fixed any time soon. Maybe it all actually *is* an adult conspiracy to keep children in the dark, because secretly, adults are scared of what what some precocious minds less constrained by decades of societal repression might actually do…

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