Cyber-Warfare: It’s something you do Scottish people via Twitter #parliament #cyberwar #rofl @cathyjamieson

Ye can tak’ oor Referendum, but ye’ cannae tak’ oor Social Mediaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I hear chuntering, to use a word that was used earlier, from many of the SNP Members. I am happy to debate the positive arguments for Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom with the SNP in a proper context at any stage. However ā€” and I hope that SNP Members and the Scottish Government take this on board ā€” I find it difficult to take that anyone who is seen to disagree with independence finds themselves subjected to cyber-warfare through the Twitter feeds; or, if they work in the voluntary or charitable sector, finds that they receive a phone call; or, if they are a business, finds that they do not get invited to the same circle of events.

The opening grammar gags are probably related (at some remove) to this; however I am quite pleased to see the continuing debasement of the ‘c’ word, in the home that this signals its imminent demise.

The word the honourable member was searching for was feedback. Or input. Not Cyber-Warfare.

HT to Lee.

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