Confused by L10N ? I18N ? G11N ? A11Y ?

I encountered a new contraction last night: G11N, or “Globalisation’, in the IT sense.

Darren Moffat provided the following explanation:

L10N, I18N, G11N, A11Y are all separate things.
  • L10N is the act of translation of messages from one language to another
  • I18N is the act of making the code be able to use l10n
  • G11N is making sure that things are translatable and non-offensive in other cultures.
  • A11Y is accessibility [visual impairment, etc]

All clear, now?

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  1. re: Confused by L10N 1 2 3 I18N 1 2 3

    Heh, to me G11N is just I18N+L10N. 🙂 (http

  2. re: Confused by L10N 1 2 3 I18N 1 2 3

    Yes, as mud.

    It would be interesting to know the formula used to generate the cryptic nomenclature.

    Maybe it’s “Pick a random letter and then select any number in the range 10-19 and then select another random letter.”

  3. re: Confused by L10N

    localisation, internationalisation, globalisation, accessibility

  4. algorithm

    contraction = [first letter] + N + [last letter]

    …where N is the length of the intermediate substring.

  5. re: algorithm

    O-k. Well, I guess it’s sort of logical though not exactly very unique for each entry or indeed useful if you don’t know that the possible words are. If anything it’s even more obscure than acronyms.

    Who on earth thinks these things up?

  6. By the way..

    Using the following command:-

    perl -e ‘while(<>){chomp;print $_.”\n” if ((length($_)==13) && /^g\w+n$/);}’ /usr/share/dict/words

    Gives the answers:-

    glorification grandchildren gratification

    None of which is Globalisation 🙂

  7. simplified I18N

    I suggest that L10N be further simplified to L2N, indicating the number of letters twixt L and N. Similarly I2N and G2N.

    All happy now?

    BTW I was in the meeting in 1985 where we sat around and invented the acronym for the first time 😉

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