…anonymous proxies for doing competitive intelligence…

As an author interestingly cited by Robert Scoble, Dana Epp writes the following:

Yesterday in class I was telling students about the benefits of utilizing anonymous proxies for doing competitive intelligence and surfing to questionable sites […]

Oh? Really?

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  1. re: …anonymous proxies for doing competitive intelligence…

    Looks like she’s a Scorpion Software employee (www.scorpionsoft.com/blog/) and I suspect her “benefit” quote is a thinko given the all the rest of it talks about “danger”.

    Mind you, the quote:

    “Remember that scanning hosts that you don’t own or have permission to should be frowned upon.”

    is also rather amusing.. 🙂


  2. My brain just broke…

    I had no idea she was at MSFT. We used to chat on IRC regularly.

    That is a great quote, though. It really, really is.

  3. re: …anonymous proxies for doing competitive intelligence…

    I’ve updated the text to reflect Chris’ findings; I do find notion that anon-proxy usage for competitive intelligence searching might be “beneficial” to be very interesting.

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