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Alec has worked in host and network security for 30 years, more than 22 of those in industry, holding senior consulting, architecture and engineering roles at Sun Microsystems and Facebook. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Open Rights Group, a member of the Security and Privacy Executive of the British Computer Society, and a Principal Engineer at Deliveroo.

Alec is noted for his work in password security (Crack, CrackLib, the “sunmd5” hashing algorithm), for creating Facebook’s Tor onion site, for leading the team which added end-to-end encryption to Facebook Messenger, and more recently for assisting the New York Times with creation of their own onion site.

In spare time, Alec moonlights as a media-resource & speaker, security-evangelist and polemicist, specialising in end-to-end-secure communication, privacy, and civil liberties.

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Early History

Alec graduated with a degree in Astronomy from UCL in 1988.

He spent the following three years working at UCW Aberystwyth as a systems programmer, aiding their transition from VMS and Honeywell GCOS-3, to Unix. There he developed the password-cracking suite Crack – later Cracklib – and released it upon USENET to much notoriety. He also authored and subsequently edited the first USENET Security FAQ.

From that point forwards, see LinkedIn.


  1. Security Rots Over Time. (SOURCE)
  2. Everybody Deserves Good Security.
  3. There Is No Such Thing As “Security”.
  4. Every Internet Freedom Is Someone Else’s Internet Problem.
  5. If you’re doing something and you don’t have at least two reasons for doing it, you’re probably doing something wrong.

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Method and apparatus for implementing a pluggable password obscuring mechanism – Inventors: Darren J. Moffat, Casper H. Dik, Alec Muffett.

Software Publications

  • Crack 5.0a A Password Cracker – if you have a problem with Crack, or any question regarding it whatsoever, please see the (FAQ); also (HUMOUR) (DIR)
  • CrackLib v2.7 Password Checking Library – see the new CrackLib homepage for details and downloads! (LEGACY)
  • SnarfNews v1.4 USENET Transport Toolkit (DIR)
  • ASP v3.5 Scrolling / Animated “.plan compiler” (DIR)
  • MHR v2.2 Shell frontend for MH mailer (DIR)


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